Stamped reviews


Soooo Easy!
"An easy to use format lets me work this subscription with confidence. Keep em coming!"
Daniel B.
Successful neighborhood Trivia Night!
"Our condo community used the kit to organize our own Trivia Night, and it was a great success. We picked what we thought was the most difficult category (the audio round) and instead of using that category, we created questions about our neighborhood and were easily able to substitute them. We found the resources easy to use, and now that we have had such fun with our first experience, I'm sure we'll do it again!"
Kathleen S.
Love it!
"Love these products! They make our trivia nights fun and much less work for me!"
Lisa R.
Audeince Loves It!
"The program and content are extremely easy to use. The audience loves it and it's super interactive and fun. You guys do all the work and it's so nice to not stress over the preparation and just have it all at the push of a button. Thanks so much you all!"
Cheri E.
Quizrunners ROCKS
"I've tried a couple of different trivia subscriptions to ease the burden of writing weekly quizzes. Though all of them have had positive aspects none of them really satisfied my need of getting a truly comprehensive solution and I still found myself having to dedicate hours weekly that I didn't have to cultivate weekly games even with those subscriptions. Enter quizrunners. In just one single delivery of a trial / sample quiz I knew I had hit the jackpot. It was exactly what I needed. A fully formed weekly quiz which was well thought out, full of well written questions in interesting categories. The only work I needed to do (and only because I CHOSE to) was to automate the formatting of the questions into a format (Excel) that I have been using for years (which took an afternoon) once that bit of work was completed I have spent no more than 5-10 minutes every Monday getting our two trivia venues prepared for a fun week of trivia. I can't recommend this service enough!"
Lance K.
60’s Quiz
"Recently used the game at a retirement home for a group and they loved the game ! "
Drew M.
Trivia kit 42
"We had a great experience and a great time. "
Michael B.
Well done!
"I liked the excel scoreboard, though we used a different scoreboard on our Trivia Night. All the questions were well researched, though we did accept an alternate answer for one question. Kudos QuizRunners!"
David A.
Birthday Trivia Night
"The trivia game was so well done and the set up was easy for my husband/emcee to figure out. Terrific activity for this trivia-loving birthday girl. Can't wait to do it again!"
Christina V.
Trivia North of the border
"I find it super easy to edit, which is important to me. I change some questions to make it more Canadian. I like the structure of the answer sheets and the handouts are a great way to break the ice. I move the pic round to the intro round. Its a soft opener for anyone who hasn't played trivia at the venue before. Thanks for a great program! "
Mike O.
Actually it was the 60's
"People seemed to enjoy it very much"
Charles D.
B Trivial
"I think the games are well balanced and there is a nice variety of categories. What I enjoy most is the ability to use PowerPoint, Word and PDF. The best feature however is the automatic scoring system setup for the games which makes running games efficient and clean. "
Drew M.
Excellent Customer Service
"Highly recommend the services of QuizRunner for your next family/friend gathering! "
Kate O.
Trivia for the family
"We used them at home with a large family gathering. It was great for both generations. Would HIGHLY recommend!"
Kathy M.
Best bang for your buck for small establishments
"We looked at all the big trivia services and for a 50 seat establishment it didnt make sence. Quiz Runners is so easy any staff member can run the program. We have seen a great following of customers coming for trivia and they say the level of difficulty is just right."
Dustin D.
"Refreshing Change" per our Members
"After many years with another trivia subscription, we decided to make a change. We much consideration and when the time was right we decided to switch to QuizRunners. We've only played three nights, however, we are confident we'll be QuizRunners subscribers for years to come. The number of questions and the variety of questions are perfect for our membership. Our General Manager appreciates I brought QuizRunners to our Club and that makes me proud. Thank you, Messrs. Evoy and the entire QuizRunners team!"
Heidi G.
Christmas Triva Fun
"We had a great group for Christmas Trivia - 11 teams of 6 people. Competition was fierce. Players loved the competition and the trivia format. Questions ranged from easy to moderate with a few difficult questions thrown in to separate the truly Christmassy.... we got a positive response and packed our bar on a night it would typically have only a handful of people. "
Jenifer F.
"Perfect for our trivia events! Participants loved the questions!"
darin h.
Love this trivia!
"We have used this trivia format at our pub for about 2 months and have never been disappointed! Our trivia teams love it. And it comes in time for me to work out some other questions and send out a mass email about the categories. It's the best"
jaclynn D.
First Time User
"Very impressed with the format. A complete easy to use package that made me look like a pro straight out of the gate. After a cursory reading of the instructions I did my first event, and it was a hit. The automatic scoring template was a big plus. Looking forward to using, (and making money), with Quizrunners in the future. "
Eugene R.
Revitalized off-season traffic
"QuizzRunners has revitalized small town traffic during our off-season. We have locals that we wouldn't normally see that look forward to the weekly competition. It has proven fun and exciting for all that attend. "
richard g.
Great Kit, Low Cost, Amazing Support!
"I ordered a Quiz Night Kit (50) for a college trivia night, and it was the most successful event that my office produced that year! Students loved the mix of difficult and easy questions, and most were incredibly stumped at the Game of Thrones section. Overall, we had raving reviews and will definitely buy another pack soon!"
Dakota R.
Great Stuff - Effortless Trivia Show preparation!
"This service has been such a blessing. What use to take me a full day to prepare for has been reduced to just minutes! Highly recommended!"
John S.
Christmas party fun
"Great questions! Loved the interactive scorecard. Very happy with purchase"
Lost Hiker Brewing Co.
"We love using quiz runners, I wish there was trivia based solely off of tv shows. The office, parks and rec, arrested development, always sunny in Philadelphia, Simpson’s, Seinfeld... "
Jennifer C.
On time, as advertised, good stuff
"We hosted our first Trivia Night the week before Thanksgiving and it went without a hitch. I have received additional quizzes, including a (bonus) Christmas quiz, which I plan on using in December. Excellent website, service and expectations were met or exceeded. Product quality is excellent. "
James K.
Saves time which saves money.
"Having Quizrunners is a highly valuable asset for me because after running trivia for 2 years, I was starting to run out of questions and creative rounds. Each week the new rounds are inboxed to me and within 30-45 minutes I have a 2 hour game put together that I host each week. The price point is perfect, the questions are at the right level of challenge and time saved makes everything about the subscription worth it. "
Christopher V.
"Love QuizRUnners trivia. User friendly, draws in a crowd & overall fantastic!"
Brian J.