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user friendly service and great quiz packages
"We've been using quizrunners for a couple months now at our bar. Great package, easy to use. Our host never ran trivia before and picked this up quick. Well worth the subscription "
David M.
Quiz 3
"Great! Easy to use and adapt to our needs. Perfect for a fun night at church. "
Valerie S.
Great Product
"I bought one quiz to test it for bar trivia. It is an upscale bar and I felt I needed an upscale trivia platform. The best part of this package is the ability to customize and edit. I adjust the number of rounds and questions per round to fit my time and audience and i am able to easily edit my scoresheets and power point to match. GREAT VALUE. I look like I know what I am doing. "
Casey B.
Love it!!
"Quiz Runners has been a great investment! It has saved me about 2 hours of preparation time that I have been consistently devoting to my trivia nights for the past four years. The questions are always fresh and original. The audio rounds are brilliant. Absolutely love it all!! Thank you!! "
Denis C.
Great format.
"Everything you need right at your fingertips. For week one my crowd loved it. "
Mike B.
Exactly what we needed!
"It was our first time doing a Trivia Night and we were looking for something that would make things fun and also look professional. We got that with QuizRunners. Everything flowed and we had a good event. Thanks so much for a great product."
John G.
"This is great for anyone serious about their trivia business. Great categories weekly!!"
Vaughan N.
The Folks @Quizrunners
Excellent Product
"Purchased this for an office function and it was awesome! Everything contained in the kit. Could not be easier to use."
Ramzi K.
A great package! Easy to
"A great package! Easy to understand how it's used and staff available to help!"
Chris B.
Money well spent
"For never having done this before at our establishment we look like old pros. Simple to use and well worth the money in time saved!"
Good value
"Have used other trivia companies before and we really like one at our bar. The customers enjoy the fact that a current events category is included so each week is always relevant to recent news. It's a great mix and we find a new team wins each week."
Avery B.
Very Happy
"Quiz Night Kit #1 helped us have a great trivia night event. The people especially loved the audio and picture rounds"
Patrick D.
Great trivia package!
Great Questions!
"All my questions were answered promptly. I had a special request & Quizrunners made it happen!"
Rachel W.
Love it
"Dude my people are loving this these trivia questions, keep it up. And I'll just keep taking all the credit. Ha"
Matt H
"Just had my first trivia night with your questions. My format is different but the questions your team provided for me were so good, my teams really enjoyed tonight. I was unsure of the product when I signed up for the free trial but I'm a believer now. I can't express just how much this makes my work week. instead of spending 6 hours a week or so on questions and content they're in my inbox every Monday. The content paired with all the free info and reading has got me totally rethinking the way I host my trivia night...I am completely floored by your product and the service you provide to trivia hosts. I can't wait to grow my product with the help of am a believer, thank you so much! I look forward to working with your team in the future as my game night expands!"
Thank You
"Hi Kevin! Your quizzes are great and the teams scoring each other is a brilliant time saver. My first trivia night was a huge success!"
Jon F
We Love the Audio Round
"We love the audio rounds with your trivia packs- so fun!"
Kelsey W
Great Job
"I should really be thanking you and ur team sir."
Alberto C
It was a great success
"Thanks, Kevin. It was a great success (about 172 people) and we'll be doing it again next year. The questions were a nice variety between difficult and hard and questions for young and old people. Have a great day"
Mat O
Your Quizzes are excellent
"Your quizzes are excellent! I literally just got off stage and it was an absolute blast. Not only did we have fun, but so far with your quizzes I believe we have raised just over $500 for charity. Thanks for the great product and sending best regards!"
Thomas R