Hosting a Fundraising Trivia Event

by Kevin Evoy

Hosting a Fundraising Trivia Event

Whether you're raising money to get your church group across the globe or you want to help a specific charity, a trivia night fundraiser is definitely the way to go. Trivia competitions are exciting and fun, they are challenging for the participants, and they are a very cost effective way to raise money.  As you start to plan your event, keep these important steps in mind.

Consider Your Time Frame

When it comes to planning a successful trivia night, give yourself at least a couple of weeks to prepare.  The more time you have, the more time you'll have to advertise and prepare for the event.

Know Where Your Money Is Coming From

A trivia night pulls in a lot of people, but how are you going to get money from their pockets and into your charity? You'll make money off the team entry fees, but that's not usually enough. You can also pair your event with a silent auction or a raffle using prizes donated from your local stores and businesses.  You can also sell food and drinks at the event as an extra source of revenue.  These are good ways to make extra cash and it does not cut into the time and attention necessary for the trivia night itself. 

Choose the Right Night

People love trivia, right? That is certainly true, but one thing that you need to keep in mind is that they frequently love sporting events, local theater groups and holidays with their families as well. When you plan your trivia night, make sure that you are not conflicting with anything that is going to keep people at home or at another venue. Don't just choose the first day that is convenient for you!

Finding a Great Venue

One of your top considerations for a great trivia night should be the venue. A good venue should have enough space for the teams to work together, and enough space for interested onlookers to watch. A good venue is going to be one that asks for a fairly nominal fee in exchange for the increase in business your event is going to bring. If you can get your trivia night into a bar or a restaurant, these venues do quite well, and they may even help provide some of the prizes such as gift certificates and free drinks and meals.

Consider a Theme

When you are putting together a trivia night fundraiser, remember that you need to consider your audience. If you do a family friendly event, you are guaranteed to get a bigger crowd, but that limits the kinds of questions you can ask and the venues that you can use. Choose the theme that suits your cause. Similarly, pick the questions with care. Write them up yourself or look into a quiz service that will provide them for you.


As soon as you have the general outline of the event nailed down, start advertising. The great thing about trivia nights is that they have nearly universal appeal. Get on Facebook and Twitter at the very least, but don't forget to do real-world advertising as well. Advertise at the venue, print up fliers that can be posted all over town and simply get people to start spreading the word. If you are planning a very large event, consider a press release that is sent out to the local media. Think big!

Get Local Support

When it comes right down to gathering resources for your trivia night, remember that nothing is better than going door to door so to speak. You can talk to people on Facebook, you can text them or you can email the information.  Don't be afraid to ask local businesses to donate prizes for the trivia competition and while you're at it, ask them if they are interested in participating in the contest. 

Consider a Tournament

If you have a lot of interest in your trivia tournament and you have the stamina and the resources to keep it up, consider a tournament-style competition that stretches over a week or so. This is a good way to get excitement building up, and it can lead to an impressive finale at the end.  You may also consider hosting a weekly event, which would provide a constant revenue stream for your charity.  

When you want to raise some funds, a trivia night fundraiser is a fantastic choice. Consider what your options are, and make sure that you've covered your bases and are organized. Thorough planning is how you are going to ensure that your trivia event goes smoothly and that you make the money you need. For more information and blog posts on the subject, visit 

Kevin Evoy
Kevin Evoy


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