How to Raise Money for Your School With a Trivia Night Fundraiser

by Kevin Evoy

How to Raise Money for Your School With a Trivia Night Fundraiser

When it comes to raising money for your school, a great idea is to have a trivia night fundraiser. Sure, there are other fundraising ideas out there - like having bake sales and selling chocolates or T-shirts, but having a trivia night is fun, effective and you can host them regularly. 

To get started, think of some interesting categories and prepare a slew of great questions.  Invite people who are connected to the school and set a date for the the competition.  In order to raise money, you can charge a small entrance fee, sell food and refreshments, or do both. Inviting parents is usually a good idea since it is a school, and they will be more than happy to support school organized events.

How you can organize a trivia fundraiser

Choose a good evening

If it’s summertime, you can host your fundraising trivia night on a week night, but if school is in session, it’s best to plan your fundraiser on a Friday or Saturday evening. Be sure you check to see what other events are going on in your community on the night of the event, as you don’t want to be competing with other events.

Offer a reasonable time

A well-planned trivia night should last between 2 and 3 hours. If you go over 3 hours, you’ll probably lose some interest, so consider shortening the quiz to stay within a good timeline. Good times to begin your fundraiser are 7 or 7:30 pm (after dinner), and wrapping up around 9:30 or 10 pm.

Where to have the school fundraiser?

You’ll need plenty of tables and chairs for your fundraiser, so be sure your room is large enough to hold your participants. The cafeteria or gym will work well.  If you can't hold the event at the school, ask around and see if there are any halls, conference rooms, or other venues that will work.  If you let them know it's for a school fundraiser, they may even let you hold the event there for free.

Have GREAT Questions

It's not easy to come up with great trivia questions. Some things to keep in mind while you are thinking of questions.

  • Don't make them too easy. People will get bored and not feel challenged
  • Don't make them too difficult. People will get discouraged and not feel very smart.
  • Include a category about the school
  • Make sure the questions will suit various age ranges

If you don't have time to prepare a quiz, a good option is to purchase a quiz night package.  Quizrunners is a very reliable company and will provide you with a complete turn-key trivia night package that will be perfect for your event. 

Have a great quizmaster

To host an amazing trivia night fundraiser, select a good quizmaster. This position is very important because it is up to the quizmaster to maintain a fun atmosphere and control the pace of the show.  See if there is a teacher available from your school who is interested in hosting, or consider having a student present the quiz.

Have a concession stand

Organize a concession stand and sell food, drinks and various trinkets. Raffles also work well.  Shirts and other clothing items with the school logo and mascot can be a good money maker during these events. Prepare a prize for the winner of the trivia night. It doesn't have to be anything expensive, but something that they will value. Trophies work well or if you’re on a strict budget, simply print out a winning certificate.

Don’t forget to promote your fundraiser

If you want a great turnout for the trivia night fundraiser, be sure to promote, promote, promote! Send a flier home with the students, advertise on Facebook, put an ad in the newspaper, have a blurb on your school website, and have everyone talk it up.

If everything goes well, your school will raise a lot of money by having a trivia night.  It might be so successful that you may consider having a regular trivia fundraising night, monthly, or even weekly. For more information on how to host a trivia night, visit

Kevin Evoy
Kevin Evoy


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