4 Events That Will Help Make Your Bar/Pub Extra Money On Those Slow Days

by Kevin Evoy

4 Events That Will Help Make Your Bar/Pub Extra Money On Those Slow Days

Chances are your bar or pub is booming on the weekends. That's when most people like to get together and go out with friends.  However, your pub may be lacking in attendance during the week. So, how do you entice people to come out on those slow days, when people are at home watching their favorite evening television shows in their pajamas?

The good news is that there are some events you can plan in order to get those people off the couch and into your pub. Today, let’s take a look at 4 events you can host at your pub during the week:

Trivia Night

Following in the footsteps of the Brits, many US pubs are now taking an evening and devoting it to trivia night. If you haven’t gotten your “pub feet” wet with this event, it’s something you should consider. Hosting a weekly trivia night will get the attention of those who enjoy some friendly competition, a desire to get out (relieve some mid-week boredom perhaps), and flex those brain muscles. Trivia nights have established a great name for themselves in the U.S. in the past ten years.  Not sure how to host a trivia night?  Just visit www.quizrunners.com to get all the information and resources you'll need.

Theme night

Maybe It’s time to have a theme night.  There are hundreds of themes you can choose from, here are a few:

  • A certain era night (60’s, 70’s, 80’s)
  • Favorite sports team night
  • Gender reversal
  • Hippie night
  • Masquerade
  • Rock stars
  • Medieval
  • Toga party
  • Cowboys and Indians
  • Holiday

Ask some of your patrons what type of theme night they'd like.  Put a survey out there on your social media page. Chances are you’ll find a group of people who love to dress up and attend theme nights.

Bubble dance floor contest

If you think your patrons are up for some dance fun, bring in the bubble dance floor!  You can do this on the weekends, or weekdays.  Wednesday or Thursday night may be great nights to introduce a bubble dance contest. Clear an area for your dance floor and rent a bubble machine to get the bubbles going! Have people sign up for a dance contest and let the fans rate them with their applause. Most people have not had the privilege of dancing in bubbles, but most secretly want to, so give them a chance!

Amateur comedy night

People are always up for a good laugh and chances are you’ve got guys and girls who would love the opportunity to perform comedy. Having an amateur comedy night will bring in those who love to hang out and laugh with friends. Allow a handful of comedians to perform for the evening and if you want, bring in a professional comedian to host the show. You can charge patrons at the door to get a boost in sales for the evening. You can also consider giving a cash prize to the winner.

You can get people out of the house during the week to your establishment by simply giving them a fun event to attend. If these ideas aren’t resonating, take a look at other ideas and try something different. You can also consider hosting a different event each month as a test and see what events brings the most people to your bar.

Kevin Evoy
Kevin Evoy


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