Pub Quizzes are Making a Comeback!

by Kevin Evoy

Happy Trivia Team after winning their quiz night league

Pub quizzes used to be a popular choice for many people who would put their trivia knowledge to the test while enjoying a drink with friends. Technology nudged the pub quiz aside for a while however they are becoming more and more popular again for several reasons, including:

Group Fun
There are many activities you can share with a group. However a pub quiz offers a more interactive way to engage with friends. You will enjoy the fun of learning more about each other’s interests and might be surprised about some of the topics you even know yourself. You will be able to spend time together in a friendly way and enjoy the excitement of testing your knowledge and learning new things. As a group you can become a team to compete against others or create two groups and choose to compete against each other. Either way, you will be enjoying each other’s’ company and getting out of the house.

Different Outing
You know how boring it can be doing the same things over and over again. A pub quiz offers a new way to entertain yourself and guests or a great way to get out and try something different. As well not everyone in the group might be active and this is a nice way for everyone to get involved and enjoy themselves. You can go out as a group, on your own or as a couple and enjoy the novelty of testing your knowledge on a number of interesting topics.

Meet New People
If you are new in town or are looking for ways to meet new people becoming involved in your local pub quiz allows you to join in a social activity that is safe and fun. It can be hard meeting people with common interests and a pub quiz offers the perfect way to learn about others and discover common interests. You can often meet up with groups looking for someone with your knowledge or even enjoy moving from group to group to offer your particular area of expertise.

Pub quizzes have the charm and fun of a good old fashioned board game but with a bit of an edge. You will enjoy the excitement of thinking on the spot and even surprise yourself with how much knowledge your have on a number of intriguing subjects.

Kevin Evoy
Kevin Evoy


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