How to Win & Lose at Trivia and Life with Class

October 31, 2016

How to Win & Lose at Trivia and Life with Class

If you are a regular at your local pub's trivia night games you want to be certain you are playing fairly and with class. Being a sore loser, or worse an "in your face" winner can make you less appealing and people will not want to involve you on their teams. Here are some tips to help you win and lose with class:

Keep Anger in Check

Trivia night games can often run fast and furious and sometimes the pressure can get to you. Try not to let missing a question or not being able to answer fast enough get the better of you. Smile and laugh it off and be ready to get the next one right. This will help you remain focused on the game so you don't miss any more questions.

Enjoy Yourself

Most people are there to get out and have fun. This means they might not be taking the game as seriously as you. It is important you remember to enjoy the people around you and learn new things. When you take things too seriously you will lose sight of the game and also make others playing around you uncomfortable.

Best Effort

Don't be too hard on yourself. Make your best effort and better yet focus on the correct answers for questions you miss. When you pay attention you will learn more which will allow you to perform better the next time. Trivia night games are definitely about skill and knowledge and the more you know, the better you will do.

Show Appreciation

You know that part of trivia is knowing about many different subjects. It takes knowledge and skill to listen to the questions and produce the right answers. You should be appreciative of those who get the answers right, especially more obscure subjects. As well if it was on the tip of your tongue and someone gets the answer first, show appreciation for their skill and congratulate them. You might be surprised at how much better this feels than getting angry or feeling like a failure.


Be sure to keep a sense of humour during trivia night games and share in some good-natured ribbing with friends. You will be known for your team spirit and good sportsmanship making you popular and well liked.

These tips will help you win or lose with class as well as get more enjoyment from the game.

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