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Dear Friend and Fellow Business Owner  

If you’re like most bar and restaurant owners, every dollar counts. Am I right?

Running your business is a constant balance between providing exactly what your customers want… and getting a high enough return on your investments that you can still take home a paycheck at the end of the week.

And when you know that your customers want trivia nights, but you can’t justify the cost of hiring a host for the evening… it’s pretty tough to achieve that balance.

Wait… trivia nights?

I’m sure the idea of trivia nights is nothing new to you. You’ve probably seen some version of it at another bar or restaurant (or tried it in your own business). But unless you’ve done it the right way… you probably had no idea that it could actually quintuple your income… with almost no extra work!

Research published on the Priceonomics shows that in the United States, trivia is an effective way to attract customers in their 20s and 30s – the ideal clientele for most bar and restaurant owners.

And not only that, but hosting weekly trivia nights encourages repeat business – when players form teams, they tend to show up week after week. That’s business you can count on… and it can make the difference between operating at a loss and making a substantial profit… especially on traditionally “slow” nights.

But here’s the problem that keeps most bar and restaurant owners from getting the best “bang for their buck” with trivia nights…

Coming up with everything you need to run trivia nights on your own consumes a HUGE amount of time – you have to come up with questions and answers, figure out all of the tech stuff, design answer sheets for the teams, and come up with signs and other marketing assets to promote your trivia events.

Now, there are plenty of “hosts” who are willing to do that for you… but, as I noted earlier, these hosts come with a pretty hefty price tag. In many cases, the cost of bringing in a trivia host for the night eats up every extra dollar you bring in.

So, there’s no real way to predictably and consistently profit from trivia events without putting in hours of your time that you’d rather spend on other areas of your business (like inventory, accounting, and taking care of your customers)!

Until now.

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We take care of the trivia… so you can take care of your business!

At QuizRunners, we’re kind of obsessed with trivia. Before the original Trivial Pursuit board game came out in the 1980s, our family was part of the team that evaluated the game. That was almost 40 years ago… and we’re as excited about trivia now as we were then!

Today, we supply done-for-you trivia kits to bar and restaurant owners across the country… for a fraction of the price of hiring a trivia host.

Our trivia packages start at about $12 a week
Compare that to a host who charges $200 a night – if you hold weekly trivia events, that means you can save up to $752 a month… while still doubling or even tripling your sales on event nights!

Only happy customers...

“Your quizzes are excellent! I literally just got off stage and it was an absolute blast. Not only did we have fun, but so far with your quizzes I believe we have raised just over $500 for charity.”


“I can't express just how much this makes my work week. Instead of spending 6 hours a week or so on questions and content they're in my inbox every Monday. The content paired with all the free info and reading has got me totally rethinking the way I host my trivia night...I am completely floored by your product and the service you provide to trivia hosts. “

Shane, USA

“ people are loving these trivia questions, keep it up. And I'll just keep taking all the credit.“


You get everything you need with every QuizRunners Trivia Night kit!

When you have the right tools, hosting trivia nights is a breeze. And we’ve made sure that every kit you get contains it all:

  • Complete instructions for planning for, setting up, and running trivia nights at your bar or restaurant

  • 70+ challenging, engaging trivia questions and answers, including Picture Round, Bonus Round, and Sudden Death round options, in PDF and Word formats.

  • Handouts, including answer sheets and Picture Round images, for each team (you can easily download and print them in just seconds)

  • PowerPoint slides for all question and answers so you can display them on your television screens

  • An automatic scoring system you can display on your television screens between questions to keep your customers excited (and make them want to stick around)

And because everything is instantly downloadable, you can order today and hold your first trivia night tonight!

It’s time to cash in on trivia nights at your bar or restaurant – starting today!
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