Stamped reviews


"The 90's captivated the group. Quiz Runners are great. This is a blast and we are slowly building more and more people. It takes some time, but stick to it!!!!"
Michael Z.
Love it!
"Great product and great service! What more could you ask for?"
Toinette (.
Awesome quizzes!
"Great! I have reached out when for some reason they haven't shown up in my email and I get them right away! The quizzes are great and the picture and audio round is wonderful. I appreciate having a subscription to a service like this! "
Karen S.
Life Saver
"We own a bar and struggle every week to produce a quiz for trivia night. This has been an absolute life saver, it’s easy to use, great topics and questions and our customers are really enjoying it! Thank you guys so much! Keep up the great work!"
Doug B.
"Good questions that have offer a wide array of teams to be competitive. I also like that you offer the quiz in different digital formats."
Timothy S.
Amazing Customer Service
"10/10 Would Highly Recommend "
Allyson K.
Great time, super easy to use
"AMAZING! Thank you so much, I will be sure to buy quizzes from you guys more often. Couldn't have been easier to use."
Luis M.
Love Quiz Runners
"We love our "Trivia in a box" that is delivered to our mailbox every Monday AM. Our Trivia attendance is growing week by week! Thanks you!"
Jeff J.
"The very best...professional...great variety...great support...our guests loved decision we've made 8n a while...turned a quiet night into a top night $$$"
Daniel M.
Quiz Night Review
"Hi Kevin, I have been hosting my own trivia night for 5+ years now and I usually source my own questions through several different resources. Having purchased a handful of your quiz night packs, I can say it has cut my protein time in half and added some twists to the questions and theme sounds I normally use. Thanks for the questions and the help!! Dr. Jay"
Jason W.
Nothing Trivial about this Product!
"With limited time to pull off a trivia-night event QuizRunners proved to be the perfect solution to our needs. We used the PPT slides on a large-screen projection; wonderful to have the prepared materials ready to go. XLNT topics and questions. Our group enjoyed a couple hours of great fun. A repeat event is a must, especially knowing how this terrific product facilitates perfect results."
Peter J.
Love it!
"Easy Peasy! Wonderful ready made night of fun!"
Toinette (.
Paid for itself from the very first week!
"Easy to use, challenging questions, inexpensive as well. This package has no downside. I would recommend for places looking to improve customer contact on slow days."
very enjoyable
"good,was a favorite of my crowd"
Randall C.
Reliable company to deal with.
"3 months in and never late with a package. "
David M.
"Great! Customers love it and it is super easy for us to execute. "
Jeff T.
"Easy to use, Very accurate, answers any questions very quickly!"
Sharon E.
Saved me so much time!
"Really helpful and easy to use, they have saved me 3+hours a week. I do tweek the layout a little bit but it doesn't take long as they provide all the formats needed so I can use one that suits my system. Thanks guys"
Katherine H.
Just what I needed!
"We haven't run the trivia night event as of yet but the package includes everything we need and is making this so much easier. The questions are wonderful! The auto-scoring and pre-made handouts are very helpful. And there are so many tips on how to run the program we feel very well prepared. Some of my staff have even said that they wish they could attend as participants!"
Roberta V.
Saves me hours a week
"I was so over sourcing trivia I almost stopped calling it. This package saves me hours per week. Well worth it. "
Lindsay H.
Good program
Makes Hosting Trivia Easy
"This is a one-stop shop for trivia. They email me a weekly list of questions, score sheets and even an excel model for tracking scores. All I have to do is get up in front of the crowd and ask the questions. That's it. It's definitely cheaper than hiring a service at $200 a night. Highly recommend. Mark Melton Mac's Southside - Dallas, Texas"
Mark M.
Love these quizzes
"We have purchased quite a few quizzes and our customers have a great time with them! A good mixture of challenging questions and more common knowledge questions. "
Kristin S.
Easy, fast and fun!
"Quiz Runners made my trivia night fundraiser event so much easier! The questions were great, well-written and had variety. Our teamslvrd then! And with Quiz Runners everything we needed was provided and downloaded. The scoresheet and how-to guide were excellent too. I highly recommend Quiz Runners and will be using them again myself!"
Kate P.
user friendly service and great quiz packages
"We've been using quizrunners for a couple months now at our bar. Great package, easy to use. Our host never ran trivia before and picked this up quick. Well worth the subscription "
David M.
Quiz 3
"Great! Easy to use and adapt to our needs. Perfect for a fun night at church. "
Valerie S.
Great Product
"I bought one quiz to test it for bar trivia. It is an upscale bar and I felt I needed an upscale trivia platform. The best part of this package is the ability to customize and edit. I adjust the number of rounds and questions per round to fit my time and audience and i am able to easily edit my scoresheets and power point to match. GREAT VALUE. I look like I know what I am doing. "
Casey B.
Love it!!
"Quiz Runners has been a great investment! It has saved me about 2 hours of preparation time that I have been consistently devoting to my trivia nights for the past four years. The questions are always fresh and original. The audio rounds are brilliant. Absolutely love it all!! Thank you!! "
Denis C.
Great format.
"Everything you need right at your fingertips. For week one my crowd loved it. "
Mike B.
Exactly what we needed!
"It was our first time doing a Trivia Night and we were looking for something that would make things fun and also look professional. We got that with QuizRunners. Everything flowed and we had a good event. Thanks so much for a great product."
John G.