About Us


Quizrunners was founded by two brothers - Kevin and Vernon Evoy. From an early age, the two brothers were exposed to trivia and they’ve been involved with it extensively ever since. Their family was part of the toy testing council in the late 1970s and early 1980s, and they received a copy of the original Trivial Pursuit game before it was released in stores. The family played the game endlessly and would purchase and play all the different iterations of the game from then on. 

Kevin started to host trivia nights in some local pubs, and quickly realized he had a talent for putting together entertaining and well received trivia events. His brother Vernon later got on board, and they formed Quizrunners in 2009 to substantively address the needs of anyone needing help with their trivia nights. 

The Quizrunners team has grown over the years and they now have 5 trivia writers on staff, spanning 4 different generations and many different knowledge bases.  They have a commitment to quality, and they guarantee originality and entertainment value with every quiz in their catalogue. 

Their new weekly trivia night subscription service is critically acclaimed and highly rated among trivia players and presenters alike. The Quizrunners team takes pride in their work, and it shows. 

We are obsessed with trivia...and it shows.