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February 2019

QuizRunners Unveils Newest Bar Trivia Product: 'Feud Time' Takes Unique Approach to Traditional Game Nights

OTTAWA, Ontario, Jan. 30, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- One of the leading providers of digital trivia-night products, QuizRunners ( recently released the latest edition to its gaming catalog. Feud Time ( involves guessing popular answers given in national surveys and polls, instead of answers to fact-based questions that require specific knowledge. The game is available as a single/multiple-event download or as a subscription-based service.

During Feud Time, opposing teams compete by trying to guess the top answers to current, continually updated proprietary surveys. Relying on a series of good guesses, gamers in Feud Time are far more diverse and can compete on a level playing field. The system is also designed to give a smooth, overall professional-looking trivia gaming experience.


Included in the Feud Time Package

  • Animated PowerPoint: Each package comes with an animated PowerPoint presentation to give the gaming experience an authentic, graphics-based gameshow feel.
  • Automated Scoring System: The Excel-based automated scoring system allows effortless scoring, facilitating smoother game play.
  • Printable Handouts: Each package contains a professionally designed handout that is simple to understand and easy to use. All on a single page, the cards can be printed and distributed to players before each game.
  • Step-By-Step Guide: A detailed guide that instructs on how to play the game.
  • Custom Designed Promotional Posters (Subscription Only): Uniquely designed promotional posters that are customized for each subscriber and event; includes personal logo, as well as the time/date of the event.

Multiple Feud Time Package Deals Available

  • Feud Time 1-Pack: Ideal for a single event — birthday parties, graduations, celebrations, reunions, receptions, etc. Contains automated scoring system, animated PowerPoint, step-by-step guide and handouts.
  • Weekly Subscription: Delivered weekly; includes automated scoring system, animated PowerPoint, a step-by-step guide, handouts and customized promotional poster.
  • Feud Time 3-Pack: Contains automated scoring system, animated PowerPoint, step-by-step guide and handouts.


Founded by two brothers in 2009, QuizRunners provides trivia-night kits and subscription packages for trivia activities of all types. Whether hosting a quiz at a local pub, bar or organization, or needing to raise money for a school or charity, QuizRunners has a game that fits both your needs and your budget. With over a decade of experience, QuizRunners understands the fine line between trivia questions that are too easy, and those that are too difficult and frustrating. We strike a perfect balance. Learn more about our various gaming packages at: and


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