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April 2020

From bar trivia to fantasy role-playing, Zoom is the world’s new game room



Some in-person elements of gaming culture have certainly suffered since the pandemic hit. QuizRunners, an Ottawa company that offers packages of trivia questions and scoring spreadsheets to people running quiz nights at bars and for charity, has seen its subscription business decline, says CEO Kevin Evoy. While some bars are hosting online trivia nights as a way to stay in touch with regulars, many have unsurprisingly stopped running the events. But one-off purchases of questions have gone “way up,” Evoy says, as charities run fundraisers and people set up friendly competitions for their employees or friends and family.

“I run them myself as well,” says Evoy. “It’s a really great way to connect and makes things a little more normal on Friday night or Saturday night.”

- Fast Company 4/26/2020



February 2019

QuizRunners Unveils Newest Bar Trivia Product: 'Feud Time' Takes Unique Approach to Traditional Game Nights

OTTAWA, Ontario, Jan. 30, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- One of the leading providers of digital trivia-night products, QuizRunners ( recently released the latest edition to its gaming catalog. Feud Time ( involves guessing popular answers given in national surveys and polls, instead of answers to fact-based questions that require specific knowledge. The game is available as a single/multiple-event download or as a subscription-based service.

During Feud Time, opposing teams compete by trying to guess the top answers to current, continually updated proprietary surveys. Relying on a series of good guesses, gamers in Feud Time are far more diverse and can compete on a level playing field. The system is also designed to give a smooth, overall professional-looking trivia gaming experience.


Included in the Feud Time Package

  • Animated PowerPoint: Each package comes with an animated PowerPoint presentation to give the gaming experience an authentic, graphics-based gameshow feel.
  • Automated Scoring System: The Excel-based automated scoring system allows effortless scoring, facilitating smoother game play.
  • Printable Handouts: Each package contains a professionally designed handout that is simple to understand and easy to use. All on a single page, the cards can be printed and distributed to players before each game.
  • Step-By-Step Guide: A detailed guide that instructs on how to play the game.
  • Custom Designed Promotional Posters (Subscription Only): Uniquely designed promotional posters that are customized for each subscriber and event; includes personal logo, as well as the time/date of the event.

Multiple Feud Time Package Deals Available

  • Feud Time 1-Pack: Ideal for a single event — birthday parties, graduations, celebrations, reunions, receptions, etc. Contains automated scoring system, animated PowerPoint, step-by-step guide and handouts.
  • Weekly Subscription: Delivered weekly; includes automated scoring system, animated PowerPoint, a step-by-step guide, handouts and customized promotional poster.
  • Feud Time 3-Pack: Contains automated scoring system, animated PowerPoint, step-by-step guide and handouts.


Founded by two brothers in 2009, QuizRunners provides trivia-night kits and subscription packages for trivia activities of all types. Whether hosting a quiz at a local pub, bar or organization, or needing to raise money for a school or charity, QuizRunners has a game that fits both your needs and your budget. With over a decade of experience, QuizRunners understands the fine line between trivia questions that are too easy, and those that are too difficult and frustrating. We strike a perfect balance. Learn more about our various gaming packages at: and


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