10 Ways to Raise Extra Money With Your Trivia Night Fundraiser


You’ve created an amazing quiz, you have your venue booked, you’ve promoted it well, and you are expecting a big crowd. You want to raise as much money as possible for your organization, so let’s look at some of the different ways you can raise funds before and during your event. 

1. Charge a fee to play in the tournament, either per person or per team. We've seen some organizations charge as much at $500 per team just to show up and pack the house with 2000+ players! 

2. Run a 50-50 draw during the event and sell as many tickets as you can. This is a super popular way to raise a lot of money and keeps everyone engaged until the end of the event.

3. Sell food/alcohol (drink tickets). These events can take anywhere from 3-4 hours from start to finish, and people are hungry and thirsty. If you are running the event at a bar or restaurant, then you should be covered. If you are in a hall that does not serve drinks or food, use this as an opportunity to raise some extra money and sell drink/food tickets.

4. Have the teams raise money for the cause before the event. Make it into a contest, and award the team that raises the most money with free entry, a trip, or something that will encourage them to raise as much as possible. 

5. Ask local businesses to sponsor different categories. IE: "This Current Events category is sponsored by ABC Plumbing". You can even create an entire category around the company. 

6. Have a local business sponsor the championship trophy and even engrave the company name that will ensure sponsorship for the following year. 

7. Sell mulligans. When a team gets in a pinch and just cannot come up with an answer to a trivia question they can purchase “mulligans”. Mulligans can be sold in a pack of 5 for $20.00 (for example). When a team does not know an answer, they may place a mulligan sticker on their answer sheet and it will be counted as a correct answer.

8. Hold a raffle for prizes between rounds. Get local businesses or radio stations to provide prizes for the raffle.

9. Hold a silent auction. You can also get businesses or individuals to donate prizes for the auction. Have people arrive early to bid on the items (or during a break) and announce the winners at the end. 

10. Have a GOLD, SILVER and BRONZE sponsorship level for the event. If a business wants to be a gold sponsor (only 1 or 2) they would be able to plaster your event with posters (for example - use your imagination here). 

If you implement most of these tips, you will be well on your way to raising a LOT of money for your cause. 

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