The 1980s Quiz

This 1980s quiz is all about the 1980s and all the amazing things that happened, from the big hair, the neon aerobics and amazing and terrible music. 

The 1980s Quiz Includes the Following Categories:

General Knowledge - 10 Questions
Personalities of the 80s - 10 Questions
Name That Year (1980s Edition) - 10 Questions
Picture Round (Actors/Actresses in the 1980s) – 10 Questions
Audio Round - #1 Hits of the 80s – 10 Questions
Inventions and Innovations – 10 Questions
Fads and Fashions – 10 Questions
Final Trivia Round (Similar to Final Jeopardy) – 1 Question
Tie-breaking question (in case there is a tie!) – 1 Question


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