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"Makes Hosting Trivia Easy"


"Quizrunners has been a great investment! It has saved me about 2 hours of preparation time that I have been consistently devoting to my trivia nights for the past four years. The questions are always fresh and original. The audio rounds are brilliant. Absolutely love it all!! Thank you!!"

Dennis C. USA



"I wanted to take a second and let you know how much we appreciate your product. You are the fourth provider we have used for our trivia night, and your program is simply better at everything. Since we started using your program our trivia night has grown from an average of 8 teams to over 20 teams. Last night we were literally scrambling to figure out how to find places to seat all of the teams that showed up. At first I tried you because I thought it was an inexpensive way to execute our trivia night, what we have learned is that it is actually better than all of the previous products we have tried. Keep up the great work and thank you again for helping us build a great recurring event."

JT, Alaska, USA