Trivia Night Packages for DJs

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Dear Friend and Fellow Business Owner

If you’re like a lot of DJs, entertaining crowds is all you’ve ever really wanted to do. There’s just something about seeing your audience energized and having a great time – and knowing it’s because of you and your talents – that makes the long nights and crazy schedule worthwhile.

But are you making the kind of money you need to pay your bills and grow your business?

Unfortunately, that’s pretty tough for most DJs. Even the ones who look like they have massive followings on social media still struggle to book enough gigs to make ends meet… let alone live the baller lifestyle they’ve always dreamed of. Sound familiar?

If so, then you’re going to want to stick around and pay close attention to every word on this page… because you’re about to find out just how easy it is to add a solid money-maker to your offerings starting today. And, even better, it takes almost zero preparation and zero extra equipment… yet you can easily bring in $200… $250… or more per night!

What is it that DJs all over the world are using to fill their calendars and bring in up to $800 extra a week?

It’s hosting trivia nights.

Trivia nights? Really? You know I’m a DJ, right?

Look, I get it if the idea of hosting trivia nights sounds like it’s outside of your wheelhouse. You’re used to providing a far different flavor of entertainment… and hosting a trivia night might sound like pretty “out in the weeds.”

But the first rule of entertainment is… give your audience what they want.

And, overwhelmingly, people who go to bars, clubs, and restaurants want trivia nights!

In fact, research published on the Priceonomics website shows that hosting trivia nights is a powerful way to bring in customers in the 20s and 30s – people who bring high energy and spend quite a bit of their income on drinks. So when you host a trivia night, you’re helping bars and clubs make more money… which makes them want to hire you week after week!

That’s a solid $200-250 gig you can count on every week. And that’s gotta make paying the rent a little easier, right?

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Players at a trivia night
But I don't know anything about trivia!

Like lots of DJs who now use trivia nights to round out their incomes, you probably never thought much about hosting trivia nights before you landed on this page. And now, you’re most likely wondering if you even have any business being involved in a trivia event. After all, you’re a DJ, not a trivia master.

But, as you’re about to find out, you don’t need to be Ken Jennings (he’s the Jeopardy contestant who won over $3 million with his virtually endless knowledge of little-known facts) to successfully market, host, and profit from trivia nights.

In fact, you won’t have to spend a single minute looking up obscure people, places, and events. You won’t have to waste a second creating trivia questions and putting them into Powerpoint slides. You don’t even need to know the answers to any of the questions you give to your audience!


Because we're going to do it all for you!

If you’re even mildly interested in making up to an extra $800 a week… and keeping your name in front of people who will come to see you… then I’d like to introduce you to:


Done-for-you trivia night packages you can use to boost your income starting today… with almost NO prep work!

Hey there – my name is Kevin Evoy. My brother Vernon and I have been obsessed with trivia for almost our entire lives. And we get it honest, too… in the late 70s and early 80s, my family was part of the research council that evaluated one of the top-selling, most popular board games of the entire 80s.

Care to take a guess what it was?

trivial pursuit
YEP! Trivial Pursuit

Today, more than 100 million copies of this game have been sold in 26+ countries around the world… and it’s now available in more than 17 different languages. So even though we might not have invented trivia… we played a huge role in making it a global pastime!

Well, our love of trivia hasn’t waned a single bit since those early days. If anything, it has grown exponentially…we've hosted hundreds of quiz nights, and thanks to the Internet, we’re able to help DJs around the world tap into our passion to make their businesses more successful, profitable, and enjoyable!

And best of all, you can add trivia nights to your offerings at minimal expense.


Although you can command between $175 and $250 a night by simply hosting trivia events, you can get everything you need – including done-for-you questions, handouts, Powerpoints, and even scoring systems…

Our trivia packages start at about $12 a week!

Every QuizRunners Trivia Night Kit is complete – just download and profit!

Look, you’re probably not interested in changing up your brand to be the best trivia master in the city. You want to spend your time honing your DJ skills so you can get noticed (and book bigger and more profitable gigs). So you don’t have time to waste putting together trivia night materials on your own… even if they are giving your income a serious bump.

That’s why we’ve made it easy for you. With our affordable monthly subscription, you’ll get all of this delivered right to your inbox every Monday morning:


A bank of more than 70 engaging, challenging trivia questions (and, of course, answers) in PDF and Word format – just print them out, and you’re way ahead of your audience. We’re even including a Picture Round, Audio Round, Bonus Round, and Sudden Death Round questions to keep everyone dialed in all night long!


Powerpoint slides for each question and answer – just connect your laptop to the bar or restaurant’s TVs to display them for your audience.




Printable handouts (in Word and PDF formats), including team answer sheets and Picture Round images. Just download, print, and hand them to each team before your trivia night begins.


An automated scoring system (Excel based) that you can display on the bar’s television screens via your laptop between rounds – this is a great way to let everyone know where each trivia team stands, and to keep everyone engaged until the very end!


A PDF containing full instructions for planning for, marketing, setting up, and hosting trivia nights – even on the fly (hey, why turn down those last minute gigs when you can be making $$ from them?).




You can download everything you need to host your trivia event - instantly! You could even be hosting an event tonight.

Now, because everything’s instantly downloadable, you can just spend a few minutes on Monday morning printing out what you need for the week, and you can be ready to host (and profit from) trivia nights at a moment’s notice!

Only Happy Customers...

Trevor, USA

"Your quizzes are excellent! I literally just got off stage and it was an absolute blast. Not only did we have fun, but so far with your quizzes I believe we have raised just over $500 for charity."

Shane, USA

"I can't express just how much this makes my work week. Instead of spending 6 hours a week or so on questions and content they're in my inbox every Monday. The content paired with all the free info and reading has got me totally rethinking the way I host my trivia night...I am completely floored by your product and the service you provide to trivia hosts."


" people are loving these trivia questions, keep it up. And I'll just keep taking all the credit. Ha!"

Promotional posters for trivia night
Lock in your lucrative QuizRunners Trivia Night Package subscription now, and we’ll throw in this BONUS…

Lots of DJs have asked us, “How do I let bars and clubs know that I’m available to host trivia nights. And how do I draw people to these events so I keep getting hired?”

Well, we listened… and we decided that it was our duty to help! When you register for your QuizRunners subscription (remember, you’re paying as little as $12 a week for all of this), we’re including a wide selection of done-for-you posters you can leave with bar, club, and restaurant owners… and that you can use to promote your events.

Just print them out and post them wherever 20- and 30-somethings hang out – bars, coffee shops, shopping centers… and attract a loyal following of paying customers to every trivia night you host!

Trivia night hosts usually pay $500-1000 for these designs… but you’re getting them absolutely free as part of your QuizRunners subscription!

Wait… we changed our minds. We don’t want your money yet…

You know, we’ve chatted with a few DJs lately who are excited about the idea of making more money with almost no extra work… and they’ve seen how trivia nights can draw impressive crowds that thrill bar and club owners… and get those DJs invited back over and over again.

But.. for some reason, they’re still hesitant to profit from trivia nights using our done-for-you materials and tools.

We get it. Branching out can be scary. What if you invest in this subscription and it doesn’t live up to our promises?

Well, let us put your mind at ease.

Instead of asking you to commit to something you haven’t seen in action for yourself… we’d like to invite you to try out a 7-day QuizRunners subscription absolutely FREE.

You’ll get everything in the package, including the printouts, Powerpoint materials, automated scoring system, and promotional flyers… without paying a single penny up front.

Once you see how easy your subscription makes it to earn an extra $1000-3000 a month, you’re undoubtedly going to want to keep your subscription. We’ll bill you monthly, and keep sending you a new package every Monday morning.

But if you don’t agree that your QuizRunners Trivia Night Kit subscription is the easiest possible way to boost your income as a DJ… or you’re just not happy for any reason at all… just let us know before the 7 day trial is up and we’ll cancel your subscription at NO cost to you!

Just click the button below to get started now:

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But don’t worry – this isn’t a “bait and switch” deal – as long as you keep your subscription after the trial, your discounted rate will be good until you cancel.

We won’t be offering this discount for very long though… so if you want an inexpensive, easy way to add $1000s to your income each month… then you owe it to yourself to lock in your trial subscription now!