Event Planners/Coordinators

You’ve hosted bingo night, you had a social hour, maybe there was a casino night interspersed here and there, but you need something more. As an event coordinator, you know how important it is to get people involved and to help them have the best time. An event should be interactive and fun, and by hosting a trivia night with the help QuizRunners, you’ll be set for an amazing time.

You can either purchase a trivia night kit in our 1-pack variety, complete with over 70 questions and tips for hosting your event. Or create a trivia nights as a weekly event and sign up for our trivia subscription service! Whichever option you decide on, you’ll see how easy our trivia night kits make running and organizing an event. With an automated scoring system and multiple formats that can be accessed, we take away the responsibilities you would normally face that are, well, trivial.

Put this event together for a fun evening, make it a monthly gathering, or try us out for a night and see the difference that QuizRunners can make. We’re committed to making your events run smoothly and help ensure they can be enjoyed by all. Contact us for trivia night kits, packages, and subscriptions!