You need people to feel invested in your fundraiser. You want people to enjoy themselves, you want guests to feel motivated to help your cause, and the best place to start with that is through hosting a trivia night. Everyone will love getting together to play a game, while benefitting a charity or community in need. But when you’re hosting a fundraiser, the amount of responsibilities you have on your plate and the number of things you’re trying to balance can take away from the event itself. That’s not the case when you work with QuizRunners, however, because with our trivia night kits, we ensure that giving back can be a great time.

Our trivia night packages mean you don’t have to worry about the things that are, well, trivial. With an automatic scoring system and multiple formats to make access to trivia easier than ever, you can set this system up to run a game (and an event as a whole) as smoothly as possible. You want to focus on fundraising, not which question to choose next and who got the bonus round. The trivia night kits from QuizRunners make this happen, and are sure to help your next fundraising event a successful one.

It won’t be just you who sees the difference, it won’t simply be your guests, but it will be your event as a whole that benefits from working with QuizRunners. Contact our team today to get the best in trivia night kits and subscription trivia sets!