Golf Courses

The country club and the golf course is a place where people go to have a great time. Patrons want to relax, unwind, catch up and cool down, and you can meet all of those needs through hosting a trivia night. Not only is there potential for bringing in more guests and business, but this further helps develop the community as a whole. Everyone will benefit from an amazing trivia night, including your golf course. But the way to really make this happen is to plan your next event using the trivia night kits from QuizRunners.

You can make trivia nights a regular occasion with our trivia subscription service, providing hundreds of questions and multiple ways to access the games. Utilize our PDF or Powerpoint format, make the event easy to run with our automated scoring system, and even get tips for hosting your event, all through our trivia night packages.

We’re confident that our trivia night kits will be right on par with the fun that’s already to be had at the golf course and country club. You deserve to have a great night that involves little stress to plan and organize, and we can help make that happen. Check out our trivia night kits and order yours from QuizRunners!