Quiz Night Kit 1

Trivia Night Kit 1

  • Features seven categories, including a final question and a tie-breaker option
  • Available in multiple formats including Powerpoint so you can present on the big screen

With over 70 questions, this trivia night package is ideal for hosting your next event. Whether needing a trivia night kit for your bar, country club, or just wanting to turn your slowest night into your busiest one, our trivia packages can help. 

Trivia Night Kit 1 Includes the Following Categories:

General Knowledge - 10 Questions
One Word Movie Titles - 10 Questions
History - Name That Year - 10 Questions
Picture Round (Single Letter Logos) – 10 Questions
Audio Round - Famous Duets – 10 Questions
Geography – 10 Questions
Mmmmm...Beer – 10 Questions
Final Trivia Round (Similar to Final Jeopardy) – 1 Question
Tie-breaking question (in case there is a tie!) – 1 Question

Extras (Included!)

Instant download
All handouts
Automated trivia scoring system
How-to manual
PDF, Word and Powerpoint formats available

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