Halloween Quiz 2


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This second Halloween Trivia Night Kit is perfect for quizzes around Halloween. It includes everything you need to host a spooky quiz night. Delight your crowd with a trivia night kit this Halloween season!

The Halloween 2 Quiz Includes the Following Categories:

General Knowledge - 10 Questions
Phobias - 10 Questions
Monster Movies- 10 Questions
Picture Round (Celebrity Costumes) – 10 Questions
Audio Round - Sweet Songs – 10 Questions
Stephen King Novels – 10 Questions
Halloween Treats – 10 Questions
Final Trivia Round (Similar to Final Jeopardy) – 1 Question
Tie-breaking question (in case there is a tie!) – 1 Question

Extras (Included!)

Instant Download
All handouts
Automated Trivia Scoring System
How-to manual
PDF, Word and Powerpoint format (for the big screen)