How to Host a Trivia Night Tip #7 - Organizing a Weekly League

by Kevin Evoy

How to Host a Trivia Night Tip #7 - Organizing a Weekly League

If you've hosted some trivia nights and you and your participants enjoyed the experience, you may want to consider turning trivia nights into a weekly league. This is a great idea and has worked well for many establishments. People like to know that they have something to do - an event - each week.  Your participants have a good time, and you make some extra money in the process.  Here are some things to consider when organizing a weekly event:

Advertise. Start by creating a nice poster to advertise the event. Let people know that you’re starting a trivia night league that meets every week. Don’t forget to share it on social media, giving all the details.  Consider advertising in your local newspaper as well.

Choose one evening a week. If you’re having the trivia nights in a pub or bar, try to pick what would normally be a slow day for the bar such as a Sunday, Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. If you’re not sure what evening to have the weekly event, ask your participants what day they'd prefer and put it to a vote.

Consider a small entrance fee. It’s not out of the question to charge a small entrance fee for teams. You don’t have to charge this fee, but most teams are willing to put out a few dollars to be included in the league.  This will provide you with a steady revenue stream throughout the season, and will give you extra money for prizes and trophies.

Choose themes. You may want to choose themes for certain weeks to liven things up. For example, advertise that next week’s trivia night theme is 70’s night and invite the attendees to get their 70’s groove on. Play 70’s music and have fun with the theme. There are hundreds of themes to choose from! 

Don’t forget about logistics. Rules are important, so don’t skimp on them. Come up with the rules for league night ahead of time and make them clear to everyone.  For example, cell phones should be off.  Figure out how many points will be awarded per question, how many people can be on one team, and what the prizes are for the winners. 

Offer prizes and incentives. Prizes ought to be awarded to the highest scoring team or player. They don’t have to be extravagant. You can offer free drinks, food, gift certificates, and plenty of other cool things as prizes. Novelty prizes like bar glasses, t-shirts, and gift baskets make great prizes as well.  One of the more coveted prizes in a league is the trophy.  Have a great trophy made at the beginning of the season, and the team that wins that season gets their name etched in it to reflect their greatness.  Over the years, the names on the trophy will grow, and so will the other teams desires to have their names also etched in it.

Have excellent trivia questions. One of the most important aspects of having a successful trivia night is having great trivia questions. The questions need to be easy enough that some in the crowd will know the answer, yet tough enough so that not everyone will know the answer.  

Starting a trivia night league will take some time and effort, but it’s worth the time invested. Remember, advertising is what will bring in the crowds, so post your trivia night information on social media, hand out fliers, put up posters in your establishment and around town, and be sure everyone you know is getting the word out.

By the way, If you find you are spending too much of your valuable time coming up with unique categories and questions week after week, don't worry, Quizrunners has you covered.  You can purchase individual quizzes, or sign up for the weekly subscription service which will give you a brand new, all original quiz each and every week.  

Now, go ahead and start planning your trivia league!

Kevin Evoy
Kevin Evoy


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