How to Market Your Trivia Event

How to Market Your Trivia Event

When it comes to trivia nights, marketing your event should be a top priority. After all, if very few people come to your trivia night, the event won’t bring in much money. First impressions are important and can make or break your attempt at establishing your pub as the place to go when it comes to trivia nights. If people participate in a trivia night and enjoy it, they will likely come back and bring more of their friends with them. Organizing and marketing a successful trivia night is a sure way to acquire a large and loyal customer base.

Use social media

In order to market your trivia night, use as many social media outlets as possible. Sharing the event information via social media is one of the most efficient ways of spreading the word. Just about everyone uses social media in one form or another, so you really should make your plans public as soon as you decide to host a trivia night. Social media websites like Facebook remind users when events are nearing, therefore doing half the job for you. In addition to Facebook, advertise on Twitter and LinkedIn, and whatever other social media networks you are involved with.

Use posters

Posters are a time tested, old school marketing tool, but they still work. Have a poster created that gives the essential information about your trivia night. Be sure that it has a professional and fun look so that it catches the attention of others. Make sure you have posters up at your establishment at all times to let patrons know of the upcoming event. This will help spread the word and hype up the event significantly. Spread the posters around town too with friendly business owners who will allow you to put a poster on their windows or inside their establishment.

Create a killer hook

Make some kind of hook in order to attract people to the trivia event at your establishment. You can organize a big jackpot or offer some sort of an attractive prize. It doesn't have to be expensive. Brainstorm and be creative.  Have a trophy made.  A good old money prize is always certain to do the trick too, as most people love money.

Advertise in the newspaper

Don't forget local newspapers. It is true that not as many people read regular newspapers these days but they are still enjoyed by a large chunk of the population. Ads are usually fairly affordable, which is helpful.  Make sure to note the event date and time in the ad. If you’re not great at writing content, have someone write it for you. You can also let your local radio station know about the event and ask them to give you a shout out about the event.

Have a great quizmaster

Once you get the ball rolling, make sure to entice people to come back. The best way to do this is to have a funny and charismatic quizmaster and provide great Trivia Night Questions. Spare no expense on the quizmaster, as it will be worth the investment when patrons keep coming back and bringing friends. There are plenty of people out there who can help you get the ball rolling. If you have a waitress or waiter, or a hostess with great people skills, you might consider giving them a chance to host a trivia night, and see how they do.  Once you get acquainted with the basics of organizing a trivia night, you will be able to experiment and try out different things.

Being known as the place to go for trivia nights is very good for business. Trivia nights are best suited for week days, which makes them perfect for filling up what is usually a slow day at the bar or establishment. If you’re having a trivia night as a fundraiser, weekends or weekday evenings work well too. If you organize a successful trivia night, people will surely start coming regularly and bring friends too.  Quizzes are perfect for both starter businesses and experienced business owners who want to create an additional source of income.

Give it some time and stay consistent. Lastly, get the word out by mouth, as word-of-mouth advertising is still one of the best ways to market an event.  For more tips and tricks, check out some of our other blog posts.

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