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Trivia Nights Are Your Bar’s Ticket to a Packed House

Are you struggling to fill up your bar on a Tuesday night? A pub quiz or trivia night is the perfect way to fill up your bar.

The competitive nature of trivia taps into people’s love for games and challenges, turning casual patrons into repeat customers eager to reclaim a title or redeem themselves. Additionally, themed trivia nights — think 80s pop culture, sports, or movies — allow for targeted marketing, appealing to specific groups more likely to become loyal customers.

Moreover, trivia nights are easily shareable on social media. Photos of excited winners, tense moments, and special prizes make for compelling content that helps boost your bar's online presence, effectively providing free advertising. With minimal setup costs and the ability to turn a slow evening into one of the week’s highlights, trivia nights are a win-win for both business owners and patrons alike.

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Trivia Fundraisers: Unlock Donations with Brainpower

Unleash the power of fun and knowledge with a trivia night fundraiser! Looking for a fresh, engaging way to raise money for your charity? A trivia night is your golden ticket. It's the perfect blend of competition, camaraderie, and charity that people can't resist. From pop culture conundrums to historical head-scratchers, we've got an exciting array of questions to challenge minds and tickle funny bones. Plus, with categories that can be tailored to your crowd, you're not just raising funds—you're building a community around your cause. So gather your team, test your wits, and change the world—one trivia question at a time!



Corporate Trivia Night Packages: Unleash the Power of Play

Looking for a fun, engaging way to boost team morale and strengthen corporate relationships? Our Trivia Night Package is the perfect solution for your next corporate event. This all-inclusive package takes the hassle out of planning and provides a night full of entertainment and camaraderie. Our expertly crafted questions cover a variety of subjects, such as the 1980s, Christmas, or regular categories, while the interactive format promotes teamwork and collaboration among colleagues.

The package includes everything you need—customizable trivia questions, an experienced host, and all supporting technology—making the set-up effortless for you. Whether your team is big or small, located in one office or spread out remotely, our Trivia Night Package offers a scalable solution that's easy to implement. Say goodbye to mundane company events and hello to an exciting, memorable experience that will leave your team talking long after the final question has been answered.


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Quizrunners introduces Quizzy Bingo, an innovative game that combines the excitement of trivia with the classic fun of bingo. Every bingo card is uniquely designed with trivia answers, adding a new, engaging layer to the traditional game.

Ideal for any gathering, from pub trivia nights to cozy family get-togethers, and even larger events like fundraisers or company retreats, Quizzy Bingo guarantees a night of thrill, challenge, and laughter. This isn't just any game—it's a unique experience that challenges your knowledge, hones your quick thinking, and unites everyone for memorable moments of enjoyment.


NEW GAME - Feud Time!

"Feud Time" offers a refreshing twist on the conventional trivia night, leveling the playing field so that everyone has a chance to win. Unlike traditional trivia, which often relies on specialized or fact-based knowledge, Feud Time uses survey-based questions. These questions aren't about what is factually correct but rather focus on what most people think is the answer. For instance, instead of asking, "What is the capital of France?" Feud Time might ask, "Name a food commonly associated with France."

Here's how it works: Before the game night, a nationwide survey is conducted on a variety of questions. Players form teams—ranging from a cozy group of two to a lively six-member team—and compete by guessing what the most popular answers to these survey questions are. So, it's not just what you know; it's about understanding popular opinion.

The format allows for a more inclusive, less intimidating experience that welcomes participants from all backgrounds and ages. So whether you're hanging out with a couple of friends or joining with a large group, Feud Time promises an engaging, fun-filled evening where anyone can come out on top.

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There can be a fine line between having trivia questions that are too easy and boring, or too difficult and frustrating. This is eliminated when you order our trivia night game packages, because at QuizRunners, we strike the perfect balance. No matter what the expertise level of your players is, our trivia night question and answer kits ensure your guests will be entertained and challenged! 

Each trivia night package includes questions, an automated scoring system, all handouts, multiple formats and you can download it instantly.

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