Blessings in a Backpack - Rasing over $30,000 in One NIGHT with Quizrunners

Case Study - Fundraising

Blessings In A Backpack - West Bloomfield/Keego Harbor, Michigan

The Client - Blessing in a Backpack


“The Quizrunners Program was Great!

Blessings in a Backpack is a national charitable organization created in 2004 in Louisville, Kentucky that raises money to feed hungry children. Their mission is to mobilize communities, individuals and resources to provide food on the weekends for elementary school children America who might otherwise go hungry.

Did you know 13 million kids in America won’t have enough food to eat this weekend? To ensure the kids in your community have full bellies over the weekend, Blessings in a Backpack sends them home on Fridays with backpacks full of satisfying and nutritional food. As of March 2016, the program is feeding more than 88,000 children in 46 states and Washington, D.C. at 950 schools in the United States.



A charitable organization wanted to increase their fundraising and decided to add a Trivia Night event. At a challenging time for charity fundraising and for volunteer organizations, they were limited on time and resources. Through internet research they discovered Quizrunners Trivia and found the price point could not be beaten and were instantly impressed with the ease of the product. The decision to use Quizrunners paid off immediately as the Trivia Night was a huge success for everyone involved and $30,000 was raised to feed the children!

The Challenge


The challenges faced by not-for-profits can be summed up in one word; funding. We are constantly struggling to find new events that will interest donors. Blessing in a Backpack decided to try a new event and a Trivia Night theme was developed. They new they needed a prepackaged solution as they did not have extra time to research questions and answers themselves. They also wanted a solution that was easy to follow for the organizers and the players as well.

The Solution


“We had a great night--almost 300 people and raised over $30,000"


What inspires donors to give their money away? Quizrunners Trivia packages! Now more than ever, charities must find new ways to raise funds and diversify their income. Quizrunners provided us with the fundraising tools necessary to do the life changing work we do everyday.

After researching trivia companies on the Internet, we ran across the Quizrunners website. The website answered our questions and the price for the package could not be beaten. Quizrunners service is excellent in helping to set up the event and the Quizrunners staff are always very accommodating and patient.

The Results


The Trivia Night event for Blessings in a Backpack turned out to be a fantastic night for the players and for our charity. Nearly 300 people attended and the organization raised over $30,000 in one night! With fundraising this fast and easy, Blessings in a Backpack can now do even more with the funds raised that evening.

“The Quizrunners program was great” stated Katherine Sheiko.

The Quizrunners package was so easy to set up and follow; the organization did not need to hire a Quizmaster; the team shared all of the duties.

Katherine summarizes, “Loved the automatic scoring, variety of questions -- with an Audio round and a picture round in addition to the traditional trivia questions. Also liked the Customer Service -- outstanding.”

Turn-Key trivia night solution including:

  • 70+ Questions with each quiz
  • Automated Scoring System
  • "How to host a trivia night" Guide
  • Multiple formats (PDF, Word, Powerpoint - Present on the big screen!)
  • All handouts - ready to print!


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