How Alice's Champaign Palace Uses Quizrunners to Host Weekly Trivia

Case Study - Weekly Trivia

Alice's Champaign Palace - Homer, Alaska

The Client - Alice's Champaign Palace


“Quizrunners is the third (and by far the best) trivia provider we have used since we started


Alice’s Champagne Palace is a bar and grill in Homer, Alaska, a remote town southwest of Anchorage, Alaska, that is “literally the end of the road,” according to one long-time inhabitant. The warm decor is a cabin feel with fancy chandeliers! There is a good mix of locals and travellers. Everyone is welcome and the atmosphere is friendly. They offer a great selection of beers and good, hearty food. A classic Alaskan roadhouse that provides live music every Friday and Saturday nights and Trivia every Thursday.

Alice's Champagne Palace is dedicated to providing a friendly atmosphere, often referred to as Homer's Living Room, for food, drink and live entertainment.

Executive Summary


A roadhouse in a small town of Alaska was looking for a solution to have a more consistent business through the week, not just Friday and Saturday nights when patrons filled the establishment for band nights. They decided upon trivia night, which has turned out to consistently be one of the most popular nights of the week. After trying other trivia games, pub management discovered Quizrunners Trivia. The participants find the questions the perfect balance and the Quizmaster find the games easy administer and manage. Implementing this product has turned Thursdays into a very popular (and profitable) night!

The Challenge


To entice more customers during weeknights. Friday and Saturday nights are very busy with the weekend dinner and live music crowd. It was decided that a “Trivia Night” should be added on Thursday nights. They began to research trivia providers. Alice’s needed the right balance of affordability, quality, and ease of execution. The first two they explored did not offer the “complete package” and the idea lost steam.

The Solution


“It is not uncommon for us to have to scramble to squeeze in additional folding tables to accommodate the guests that show up to play trivia.”


In a stroke of good fortune, Alice’s discovered Quizrunners! They had already invested in two previous trivia options, so being cautious, it was the low-price that initially attracted them to Quizrunners Trivia. “Our previous purveyor was a LOT more expensive, and we kept having quality issues in that our guests would complain nearly every week that the quiz was either way too hard or way too easy” states Joshua Tobin.

Alice’s had a solid, but small, Thursday Night trivia following. But once they started using Quizrunners the attendance exploded and they had to expand their floor space. Thursday nights can fill up to 130 seats now! “It is not uncommon for us to have to scramble to squeeze in additional folding tables to accommodate the guests that show up to play trivia.”

Quizrunners is a fraction of the cost of other competitors. The price that Alice’s saves each week has positively impacted their annual budget, which is important for a small business. The increased revenue stream on Thursday nights also proved the value that Quizrunners Trivia can add to any business.

The Quizrunners weekly package is so solid that product questions or issues are rare. If questions do arise, they are resolved instantly via email. “Quizrunners has been amazingly responsive to any questions I have had since we started using them,” says Joshua.

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