How Ireland Four Courts Pub Realized a 700% ROI With Quizrunners

The Client - Ireland's Four Courts Pub

“One of the things that I have been impressed with is such high-quality material for an unbelievable price!” - Tim Walsh, Owner

Located in Arlington, Virginia, Ireland's Four Courts Pub is a local Irish neighborhood pub that opened around March of 1996. The pub stays fairly busy with their local neighborhood crowds, private parties, and broadcasting soccer matches. The usual demographic is in their late 20’s – early 30’s and up.


Ireland's Four Courts Pub is Classic Irish pub with fireplaces, rugby, and soccer on TV, live music, trivia quiz nights & sidewalk seating. They were approached by Quizrunners and decided to give them a try since it saved them some money. The pub was instantly impressed with the high-quality trivia materials, the ease of use, and the response from their regular trivia participants.

The Challenge


The pub has held a trivia quiz on Monday nights for almost 15 years, and they were using a different company that required payment based on how many teams played. The cost was $100 per week just on the trivia content in addition to a Quizmaster. It seemed like we had the same 3-4 teams winning every week. We wanted everyone to have an equal chance at winning with a variety of questions.

The Solution


"The price of the quiz in addition to solid content and interesting, varied photo and music rounds is the most appealing part of Quiz Runners.”

-Tim Walsh, Owner


Quizrunners! We were contacted through email to give Quiz Runners a try. The price is great for Quizrunners for a great quiz that has a nearly identical format to what we used before with the addition of a Music Round. Quizrunners has drastically dropped the total cost of our Monday night Quizzes.

The transition was also seamless, and our regular players barely knew that we had changed anything. We have received all the help we need to run the quizzes without any issues. We are easily maintaining the same amount of teams for our Trivia nights.

It was a very easy decision to go with Quiz Runners based on price and a few trial quizzes that we tried out. Quizrunners helped save $350 a month with a quality quiz that is actually more appealing to a wider audience than our previous provider.

"Quizrunners offers more variety of questions making the quiz friendlier to all ages and teams!”

New Trivia Every Monday New, unique and exciting quiz delivered to your inbox every Monday morning

 Quadruple checked by our quiz writing team for accuracy, entertainment, and originality

Includes 7 categories, 70+ questions and includes a picture, audio, and current events round

Automated Scoring System is included so you can display the scores on the big screen

Available in Powerpoint, Word and PDF versions so you can edit, or present on a TV

Free promotional posters, customized for your location, and event information

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